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Why you should be looksmaxxing

Dec 23rd 2022 12 Min read

What is looksmaxing?


In today’s society looks matter more than ever before. We are constantly bombarded with attractive actors, gorgeous celebrities and perfect looking models. Your looks have an effect on your dating life and general day to day activities. Luckily there is a way to improve your looks. It’s called looksmaxxing and it refers to the practise of using various techniques to improve your appearance.

This can range from softmaxing to hardmaxing which defines the scope of the extremeness of the activities. Softmaxes are low risk measures taken to improve an individual’s looks. These can involve but are not limited to: taking care of your skin, improving your hair, building a good physique, dieting and becoming leaner, grooming, wearing fragrance and teeth whiting. More extreme measures, “hardmaxing”; involve things like as surgery and other cosmetic procedures. It goes without saying that softmaxing techniques should be tried before any hardmaxing is done.

While some people may be put off by the idea of “changing” themselves, the truth is that everyone can benefit from looksmaxxing. Whether you trying to attract a mate or simply boost your self-confidence, there is no reason not to try. In this article we will further elaborate and expand upon some of the reasons behind looksmaxxing.

It’ll improve your dating life

Your physical attractiveness is the most important factor in success with women [1]. While there may be some other factors are also important in attraction such confidence, game and personality the fact remains that looks are at the forefront of it all. Therefore, if you want to be successful with women, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to improve your physical appearance. Many women may tell you the opposite, that looks aren’t that important, but many say so as they are afraid of appearing shallow and being judged. Proof can be obtained by observing how women react to attractive men over the internet, where they have more anonymity.

No matter what these so called “self-help gurus” and “redpillers” say, no amount of money confidence, personality, status or fame will get you to the level of pure physical attraction. If a girl is truly physically attracted to you, not to your money or status, she will receive dopamine hits to the brain every time she sees you. It’s biologically hardwired into women to seek the most attractive partner as attraction is directly correlated to desirable genes. This will therefore lead her to trying her best to win you over, try to impress you on a first date, dress up nice, keep the conversation going etc. Ever had a conversion with a girl and you constantly received one word answers or scarce responses? This is likely because she didn’t find you attractive and so put minimal effort into the conversation. Maybe she was constantly pulling out her phone on a date? Do you think she would be doing that if she had a crush on you? Many people will blame themselves and say maybe it was their personality or confidence but ultimately the game was rigged from the start.

A very small percentage of men ever experience a girl having genuine attraction towards them. Sure, looks can only take you so far in a relationship but you must reach a women’s looks threshold if you ever want to achieve genuine physical attraction from women. Once you reach a women’s looks threshold you get your foot in the door and the more attractive you are subsequently after that, the more mistakes you are “allowed” to have. Therefore it is the upmost importance that you do everything in your power to improve your looks if you want to improve your dating life as a man.

People will treat you better

Looks extend far beyond relationships. Attractive people tend to get treated a lot better by society. We often make judgments about people based on their appearance, due to the halo effect. The halo effect is a cognitive bias that occurs when our overall impression of a person clouds our judgement of that person. We subconsciously tend to think that good-looking people are more intelligent, competent, and trustworthy than unattractive people. Therefore, attractive people on average get paid more, get considered for more jobs [2], and get shorter prison sentences.

One French study in 2013 sent out 10,000 resumes changing only the name, address and photo to analyse call back rates. The average call back rate was 30% but the attractive women got invited to an interview 54% of the time and the attractive men got called back 47% of the time. In another study on average criminals of low attractiveness were sentenced to 4.10 years in prison and criminals of high attractiveness were sentenced to 1.87 years in prison, a 119.25% increase [3].

Teachers expect better looking kids to do greater in school and therefore spend more of their attention and time teaching these kids. By the time they become adults they’ve already benefited from years of bias giving them greater confidence and stronger social skills. This bias will continue to remain well into their adult life. Do you want to have a taste of what it’s like to be born blessed? Then start to looksmax now.

Your entire life will be better

Ugly and unattractive people live completely different lifestyles to attractive people. With the presence of social media being what it is today we can see how other people live. We can see attractive people at parties, travelling the world, and generally having a happy, healthy and enjoyable life. The rest do nothing with their lives. The feel the bleakness, the averageness and the mediocrity of their own lives compared to them. Every day feels the same, and work feels repetitive.


While some may counter this by saying that social media is not real life and things are blown out of proportion. This fails to acknowledge the actual issue. Yes, attractive people will typically only post their best, happiest moments on social media. Yes, their lives may be slightly over exaggerated. Why should this matter? Even if you were to see their entire live so far, with all its ups and downs it will substantially better than a life belonging to someone who is unattractive. Attractive people live in a different world. You don’t need an entire study to prove this, you can just tell this from every day experiences. That’s why you are reading this in the first place. You can feel something is wrong, yet everyone will tell you its fine. Because they know their own lives are unexceptional. They’re not even trying to prove it to you, their trying to prove it to themselves.

The key to breaking out of averageness is looksmaxxing. Everything in your world will improve. Your co-workers are treating you with more respect, girls will start to pay more attention to you, and strangers will begin to act in ways they never have before—like keeping the door open for you longer or smiling at you as you pass by.

Remember, life is not fair. You can’t change society. But you can change how you look and consequently how society treats you.


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