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Girls hate nice guys! Don't be one

Jan 1st 2023 3 Min read

“Nice guys finish last”, is a quote you’ve likely heard many times before. Nice guys often get the short end of the stick and very rarely, if ever, have success with women. This is because when women think of a “nice guy” they think bland, boring and replaceable. He doesn’t cause any controversy, he complies with her, agrees with everything she says. Never, ever makes sexual escalation. He presents no challenge and is completely apologetic. Women are repulsed by this. Girls like guys who are confident, assertive and unpredictable. Girls want to be challenged by their partner and not bored by them.

To understand why women hate nice guys so much we must delve into the literal pits of hell. The female mind. Women regard themselves very highly, especially with the existence of social media, where a single photo can get hundreds or even thousands of likes. They typically think they are better than you actually are. So if you present yourself as a nice guy, they often get offended, they think, “how dare he think he can have a chance with me, I deserve much better, I’m special I deserve more than this”. So why do guys market themselves as the nice guy? Typically guys present themselves as a “nice guy” because they are afraid of taking risk in the interaction. They are afraid of making impact, as this involves because there is a chance they get rejected. This causes some guys to subconsciously turn themselves into someone more boring and blander then they actually are. They are so afraid of rejection that they are unwilling to show their true nature and be themselves when women are present, as they are afraid of doing anything wrong. Little do they realise that this is the greatest mistake that they can make. Thy get too stuck up on trying not to make a single mistake that they don’t go anywhere in the interaction and they make no impact.

You have to make an impression! If you are nice, but don’t bringing any excitement to the table, you will certainly be forgotten. You don’t have to be an asshole but you shouldn’t present yourself as an uninteresting, bland and mediocre. Stir the pot up a little bit, put yourself out there, tease her playfully, escalate things sexually if the moment presents itself. Do all this instead of “being the nice guy” and you’ll have a lot more success with women.