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How to get a stronger, sharper jawline

Jan 9th 2023 2 Min read

The importance of a strong jawline

Having a strong jawline is one of the most sexually attractive traits a man can have. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonny Depp are lusted by women all over the world because of their masculine jawlines. Having a weak jawline will result in you becoming less physically attractive to women.

Cut the fat

The most effective non surgical method of getting a more defined jawline is to lower your body fat. If you are chubby or fat, loosing weight will result not only a more defined jawline but a more attractive robust face overall. The difference is night and day. High intensity exercise can also result in a leaner face but this must be done in conjunction to a healthy diet. Models tend to sit at around 9-12% body fat. Many people often underestimate their body fat percentage and even body fat scales and other methods can lead to inaccurate results.


Try to reduce things that will bloat your face. Processed foods that are all too prevalent in a typical western diet has made our jaws soft. Reduce sodium, sugar, alcohol and excessive carbs. Reduce your intake of salt from snacks and processed foods. If you need to look good and leaner for a specific day reduce carbs and salt the day before.

Stay hydrated

Your body removes flushes out toxins by through water. If you continuously drink water, you won't look as bloated. Your face will look more toned as a result.

Chew gum

Your jaw contains muscles. Chewing hard foods or gum can result in building muscle mass around your face, making it look more robust and therefore accentuating your jawline. Due to the constant movement, it tones the area and gives you stronger features. Note, this will have little visual effect if your body fat is above 20%.

Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep might give you a bloated appearance. To look less puffy, rest well each night get around 8 hours of sleep.

Stubble and beard

Light stubble can help highlight a jaw and add shape to your face. A beard can also be used to cover up a less fortunate jawline and should be cut and shaped accordingly based on your face structure.


Some people claim mewing can change the structure if your jaw, with some evidence. Mewing is a popular practise promoted by an orthodontic called Mike Mew. It involves resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, this is where it should be located at all times, closing your lips and teeth together, and breathing through your nose. Over time mewing is meant to make small reconstructions in your face and make your jawline stronger. Just don’t expect it to work miracles.