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How to bring a girl home from a nightclub

Jan 17th 2023 7 Min read


Nightclubs are one of the easiest places to get one night stands. Places filled with alcohol often makes inhibitions disappear and things can move quickly. However many men seem to fail no matter how hard they try and whilst other men are getting a cheeky snog and bringing a girl home within 10 minutes of getting on the dancefloor. So what separates these two types of men? Quite honestly, it’s mostly how attractive you. There’s not much game you can spit when you’re on the dancefloor. Nightclubs are full of shallow people often looking for nothing more than some fun with no strings attached. And even with her body filled with alcohol (and perhaps other substances) and her inhibitions basically reduced to shreds she still has the cognitive ability to view some men as “not in her league” and not worth her time.

“But that’s not fair”, well life is not fair. Stop complaining and do some push-ups. Hit the gym, employ a skincare routine, eat healthy food, fix your teeth, take care of your hair. These are sure-fire ways to improve your attractiveness quickly and will have the most effect with your success with women in nightclubs and women overall for that matter.

Once you’ve done that here are some tips you can employ to increase your chances of going home with a girl who might actually be semi-attractive, but remember in the setting of a nightclub, everything else is secondary when compared to how attractive you are.

Make sure you’re having fun

Dancing on the dancefloor is enjoyable especially with some mates. You don’t have to be good at dancing, most people aren’t! Girls can sense things very easily and if you are there with the sole intention of getting laid women will be able to tell and will see you as desperate.

Approaching a girl on the dancefloor

One the dancefloor if you are going to approach a girl, don't do it from behind. Approach her from the front, so she can see your face and know what's up from the very beginning. Keep eye contact, this is a good way to know if a girl is feeling you or not. If she is interested she will give out open and inviting body language and signals e.g. a smile. However if she seems closed off she is probably not into you and you’re best try your chances with another girl. Or her friend! Her loss.

Choose the club carefully

Not all clubs are created equal and some are a lot easier to pull women than others.

Be confident

Be confident and don’t be nervous. Don’t take too long to make a move. Women can sense nervousness and are disgusted by it. If you are not a confident person, fake it until you make it.

Approach multiple women per night

You don’t just apply for one job, you apply for several. So do the same for women - throw your resume out and approach multiple women. Rejections are bound to happen, but don’t get too hung up on it. Everyone gets rejected, even the best looking men. It’s just the way of life. But if you approach one girl, get rejected and stop approaching for the rest of the night then you are significantly lowering your chances of success. Often the men who sleep with the most women from nightclubs are unafraid of rejection and keep approaching multiple women a night despite the outcomes. It’s just a simple game of percentages.

Consider the smoking area

If you can stand cigarette smoke, smoking areas are a great way to talk to hot girls. When you talk to them, don't be too serious or ask too many questions. She wants to have fun, not be interrogated by a stranger - keep it light, playful and flirty. Just have interesting and engaging conversations and you’ll be fine.