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Friendzone to EndZone

Jan 4th 2023 6 Min read

If you are in the friend zone, it’s time to get out! This article will give you some advice on how to get out of the friend zone and avoid being stuck there! But there is one thing you need you to understand before I continue. You shouldn’t be pretending your friends with a girl to try and get into her pants. It very rarely works and even if, by some miracle a relationship forms, the relationship won’t last long anyway. If the friendship was built upon lies then the relationship likely will be as well. With that being said it’s not necessary a bad thing to have female friends. They will help you understand women better and they may help bring opportunities to meet other girls. But it’s a double edged sword, if you genuinely attracted to a girl, it’s been a while since you first met and you still haven’t expressed your feelings, then you are subconsciously telling yourself that she is too good for you and this is the wrong mind-set to have. This is unhealthy, will sabotage opportunities with other girls and to add insult to injury, can extend far beyond the dating world as well. You need to view yourself as the man. Now with that out the way let’s begin.

To get out the friend zone you need to understand the physiology behind being put there in the first place. She enjoys the attention being friends with you provides, it makes her feel good but doesn’t see you as a romantic interest, perhaps she doesn’t find you attractive enough. You need to work on yourself. You should be looksmaxxing, hitting the gym, taking care of yourself physically etc. Following this, you need to stop giving your undivided attention to her.

Women love attention, that’s why they love social media so much. Every like one of her pictures gets, on say for example Instagram, gives her a dopamine hit and makes her feel validated.

You are effectively giving her attention for free. You need to break the pattern.

When your busy and can’t meet her, don’t reorganise your plans to see her, treat her like your other friends. When you do meet her, treat her as a friend, you can talk about hot women in the environment, talk about dates you’ve been on, ask her if she has any friends she can introduce you to, etc. You shouldn’t censor these things as they show her that you’re interested in other girls and not just her. Just don’t make it too obvious, like you’re actively trying to get a reaction out of her. It shows her that she is moving out of that zone and she can’t have you whenever she wants. When you start to move away, as with any push pull situation she will start to want you more.

The next stage is to create a situation where you are together one on one, ideally after a couple of drinks. You want to escalate things physically but in a playful way, trickle her, play fight, etc. These are things that are slightly sexual and things boyfriends and girlfriends do, but not all the way in that direction so that they are more acceptable. Then after a while you should then hold extended eye contact in silence. If there is sexual tension between you two then you should go in for the kiss. Then you should say something along the lines of, “You know what? We shouldn’t be doing this, we’ve been friends for a long time”. By being the one who raises the objection she’s likely to take the other side and justify why it’s okay and why you two should give a relationship a shot. Reluctantly agree with her.